At the Essence of Your Nature


New TOPIC and new PLACE!!!

Deep nature connection and mentoring practices to discover and strengthen your personal gift and leadership and to find vision and purpose in life

Thursday, 12. February, 6 pm till Sunday, 15. February 2015, 2 pm

In native cultures around the earth people know that each child is born with a special and unique gift – a good medicine that it is bringing for the family and the community.

This gift often remains hidden from ourselves. Connected with it is our very personal leadership, that we need in our later life in order to become a fully mature adult, and to find and fulfill our purpose and vision in life.

168115_483889392851_3677808_nIn this workshop you will learn how to connect with nature to find your gift and purpose. You will bring home understanding and methods to heal the wounds of your childhood and to solve and overcome the blocks that might have their origin in these old wounds.

Jon Young will share stories and teachings from the native cultures that he has worked with about what leadership truly means in their understanding, and how you can access it for yourself as well as support others in finding and strengthening it.

You will learn to understand what vision is. And receive insights into how to find it, or find it again, and how to empower others to open the doors of their perception for it.

When you complete ceremony, you align your world with the Universe. It is much more than it sounds because you find all life resides in you. All life is alive in us to the smallest of our cells.
Toni Ten Fingers, Oglala Lakota


Part of the workshop will be a Renewal Process for the winter time, that can help you with specific questions, tools and ceremonies to find your own nature-connected path into the new year and beyond.

Together with us you will be able to spend time outside in the beautiful landscape around the “Höchsten”, with winterly forest, meadows and enchanted mountain creeks.

You have the chance to bring back home tools and practices of native people to refresh your senses, strengthen the power of your awareness and let your intuition thrive, to learn to listen to the natural beings around you and to your own inner voice.

In this kind of deep and sensory-aware connection to nature a feeling of awe can come alive in us, that changes our concsciousness for ourselves and the world as a whole. This kind of awe has been researched recently, e.g. by UC Berkeley. It can help us to understand our place within our community and within all of creation. With each moment of awe, we become measurably happier, healthier, more modest and kind towards others, an effect that persists even for a few weeks.

In this workshop we will embark on a journey towards awe, towards the moments in your life where you can receive “good medicine” and where small windows to your innermost essence open up for a short time, where all knowing is already waiting for you.

The Quality of the Season

In February Nature seems to be sleeping still on the outside, hardly any flower becomes visible, the decideous tres and shrubs are still without leaves and the landscape is laying before us translucently, allowing us an outlook far into the distance. Hardly any bird has migrated back yet and the cold of the winter still holds the land under cover.

884358_10151368067942852_1271462010_oBut in the depth of the earth, many a germinated seed is already alive, and many animals already walk pregnant with their future offspring. Everything is getting ready for spring when the new life becomes visible.

As people we can use this time to look at what is still hidden but already awaiting us. It is the time of visions for the new year, that can come to us like dreams and that – just like dreams – want to be held tight and shared with others, before they would grow pale again in the light of spring’s busyness emerging soon.



Our Guest

Jon Young…

…is a tracker, story teller and one of the great visionaries of our times. From his early childhood on he was being trained in reading tracks, signs and patterns, in nature as well as in the realms of human life. For decades Jon has been gathering stories of the land as well as stories about what the learning and living in nature connected cultures is like. He helps us to bring back something ancient, that was almost lost and that is of essential importance for our lives as human beings on this earth. And he supports us in discovering our own ways for how to bring it to life again in these modern times, in our own contexts.
For many decades Jon and his team studied how we as humans can re-connect with our land, even after ages of uprooting and separation from nature. He is bringing forth an ancient knowledge of how to work with deep nature connection, primitive skills, bird language, ritual and music, natural cycles and human life patterns, from the different indigenous cultures that he has learned from – in many years of collaborating with the Lakota medicine man Gilbert Walking Bull, the Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, the Odawa Peacemaker Paul Raphael, the Grandfather of Wilderness Awareness School “Ingwe“, who grew up with the Akamba people in Kenia, as well as with others, e.g. during the several times he was able to visit the San Bushmen of the Kalahari.
Based on these experiences he developed a map of elements and principles that these peoples are using to live in alignment with nature as well as in close and vibrant relationships with each other and that they use to pass on their cultural wisdom to the future generations.
Jon and his collaborators have been supporting thousands of people worldwide to find their own roots and to actively co-create and transform the culture around them.


10405529_10152495258562852_6291340519521718383_n (1)The Landhäuser am Höchsten are nestled in between forest and meadows, at the Southern slope of the Höchsten, a roughly 830 m high mountain in the Northern backcountry of Lake Constance. Especially in the winter months it often gifts visitors with a far outlook onto the lake and the Swiss Alps in the far South.

Adress and Travel

Landhäuser am Höchsten
Rubacker 28
88693 Deggenhausertal
Here you can find a map (The houses are right where it says “Kapelle Rubacker”)
Nearest train stations are Salem and Ravensburg, closest Bus-Station would be “Hasenweiler” or “Berggasthof Höchsten”.
Nearest airport is Friedrichshafen (30 min), or Stuttgart (1.5 hours).


350 €/ reduced 300 € (for students, pensionists and other people with low income)

Plus food and board (137-265 €  depending on category).   


This is a family friendly event! Children and Babies are very welcome and will participate for free up to an age of 14.  There will be space for the wee ones to be around during the teachings and seminar time. For children three years and older we will be offering a day program where they can explore the woods and meadows, sit by the fire in a yurt and make music, too, guided by experienced nature connection mentors. So please, bring your children and register as early as possible, so that we can plan accordingly.

Teenagers (14-18) can participate in the workshop for 170 € plus food and board.

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This event is a cooperation between Circlewise, the 8 Shields Institute, der Wildnisschule Wildeshausen und wirundjetzt!org  

Northern Germany

From February 19.-22.  Jon is running another workshop, with the Wildnisschule Wildeshausen in Lebensgarten Steyerberg near Hannover, about “Nature Connection, Storytelling and the Power of Music”. You can find more information about this here:

Watch an Online Talk

Watch Jon Young speak about the impact of nature connection and mentoring culture on the personal development: